The company and its history:

the truffles of southern Italy

It all began in a truffle workshop in Alessandria, a place where Michele Sessa's passion and love for the art of truffles gradually grew, in the vivid and enthusiastic imagination of his youth.

The truffle is an underground mushroom and above all, in the Italian gastronomic tradition, it is a product of great value, rare and with a sophisticated flavor. Michele's expertise on field, matured as a young man in a moment of great passion, leads him to a increasingly strong interest in this enigmatic world, which also infects his brother Raffaele. Together they begin to investigate the soils of Southern Italy, discovering an underground treasure. In 1990 Michele and Raffaele Sessa created Sessa Tartufi, specialized in the selection, production and marketing of truffles from Southern Italy, with an ambitious mission: enhance and highlight its history and quality.

Within a few years, the boys Mirko and Gianfranco, sons of the Sessa, joined the team, in a project that increasingly takes on the connotations of a large family business. A passion that soon became an advanced technique in the selection of truffles, in research and extraction, in transformation. A real craft activity to be handed down to the young people of their family and beyond, as representatives of a recognized and always evolving culture. One of the characteristics of the Sessa Tartufi philosophy, is to involve more and more generations.

A few steps

from the Amalfi Coast


a fundamental value

Sessa Tartufi has always been attentive to eco-sustainability and invests in research to constantly improve the techniques of treatment and processing of truffles, word order: Innovation!

In addition to the delicate processing of the precious truffle, Sessa tartufi assumes as a commitment, at the base of its mission, every initiative aimed at raising awareness of the community on environmental issues. The underground fungus is closely linked to the quality of the soil, temperatures and the global problem of drought that heavily affects the growth and spread of natural truffles.

The eco-sustainable commitment of Sessa Tartufi extends to the significant reduction by the company in the use of plastic and the adoption of eco-sustainable solutions: the next goal is the implementation of photovoltaic panels and the adoption of innovative solutions aimed at limiting and compensating CO2 emissions and limiting waste, with proper waste water management, of production waste, limiting paper waste and confining the use of plastic to durable applications only, abolishing "disposable", where possible.

This is the remarkable contribution of Sessa Tartufi in the fight against climate change.

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